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A simple but extremely innovative tool, designed to substitute the traditional bleaching techniques.
Natural shades in just 20 minutes!
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Gamma Più is the exclusive distributor of BambooKì, the innovative accessory for professional hairstylists designed by Kikò Nalli.

It frees 75% of your time

To achieve natural shades with traditional methods (shatush, balayage, degradè), the realisation times can go from one hour to about an hour and a half. With BambooKì everything is reduced to about 20 minutes. On the same day, you can manage three times more customers than you can now!

It simplifies your work

Shatush, balayage and degradè make it possible to achieve a wonderful effect on hair, but are particularly laborious treatments. With a few simple gestures, BambooKì makes it possible to achieve an even more surprising natural colour effect than the traditional methods.

It reduces waste

Shatush, balayage and degradè are processes in which most of the colour is wasted, not to mention the tinfoil and cellophane to be used for each treatment. With BambooKì the waste of colour is almost eliminated. The product can be washed, sanitised and reused for a long time.
The inventor
Kikò Nalli
Kikò Nalli is one of the most famous hairstylists in the world. A public figure and former Big Brother participant, after years of study and experimentation, he has developed a truly surprising accessory: BambooKì. Characterised by simplicity and functional design, BambooKì makes it possible to achieve hair colours with a natural effect in less than 20 minutes.
Kikò Nalli
Exclusively distributed by Gamma+
BambooKì Kit
BambooKì Kit
1 canna da 29 cm
1 canna da 24 cm
1 canna da 18 cm
1 uncinetto per lavorazioni
1 libretto istruzioni con video corso da scaricare
3 basi a forma di margherita per sostegno
Slever da 19 cm per Bambooki
Slever da 24 cm per Bambooki
Slever da 29 cm per Babmooki
Mantella forata in HD Neutro 37x50 per Bambooki
100 Gommini in lattice
€ 199,00
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